Awnings in flamenco beach

SIPM we are a company specialized in awnings and reforms located in the flaminca beach area. We are specialists in aluminum carpentry, as we install all kinds of awnings, pergolas and sun protection systems. What sets us apart from other companies are our competitive prices for leading brands, since we only work with the best.



Reformas en Playa Flamenca

Are you thinking of carrying out a reform? At SIPM we also carry out reforms. We are specialists in any field of masonry, so we will offer you a quality and trustworthy service.


Making the decision to reform your home or premises is not always so easy, that is why we want you to have the best service adapted to your needs. That is why at SIPM we advise you throughout the entire process, to explain what would be the best option for you. Through a prior study of your home or establishment, we can find the best choice for you.

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